Anna Hughes Knows Best

All Kinds of Trouble

I'm in all kinds of trouble now,
The kind where you wake up on a train,
And everything,
Everything is strange,
And where am I?
And when did the season change?
I must have been asleep,
I'm sure I must be late,
I'm in all kinds of danger,
The stranger on the platform is not a proper stranger,
"You're here with me" he says, "Isn't it great?"
And he's right.
The kind where there's too much meaning on the edges of sight,
Because he might be there,
The kind where you randomly weep.
I'm in deep, deep, hot water,
In a boiling hot geyser,
In the mists,
In the midst,
Of ridiculous Icelandic snow,
You know, you should give up the fags and eat fruit,
Because life should last longer,
This life should last longer,
If someone like him exists.
Everybody, lock away the razors,
And save your lovely wrists,
Someone like him exists.
I'm in every, single kind of trouble now,
The kind where a kind man could write himself a significant part,
I'm in very grave danger,
Of a change of heart.