Monkeyshines (def: noun frivolous or mischievous pranks; monkey business.)

This is the personal website of James Allen, scholar, idler, and father. This website is thus: a) an outlet for my idle thoughts; b) a repository for the code that I produce during the course of my scholarly endeavours; 3) and a store of paternal witterings.


I recently completed a bioinformatics PhD, supervised by Simon Whelan, at the University of Manchester. (My thesis is undergoing corrections, but will be hosted here in due course.) I'm currently employed by the EBI, where I work on the VectorBase project, having previously toiled for a year at the Ensembl Metazoa coalface.


Working in the heady world of academia gets me out of the house, but I also have a keen interest in various idle pleasures: sitting on the settee, watching a nice film, cat on lap, tequila in one hand, amusing tome in the other, with a pretty girl by my side.


Having become a father to a sweet little monkey in 2011, I decided it might be nice to set down a few paternal thoughts for posterity. As time has worn on the focus has shifted to photos and videos, but now that I've finished my PhD I might find time for more (and more frequent) literary updates...